Wine List

Wine List

Our carefully chosen selections highlight the best of each region of Italy offering something to suit everyone’s palate and mood, whilst also complementing our traditional cooking. With options to accommodate every budget our list features not only top producers but also little known gems.


Marche Rosso Moncaro

An relaxed fruity ruby-red wine made from Montepulciano and Sangiovese grapes
175ml – 4.40 | 250ml – 5.50 | 500ml – 11.00 | 750ml – 15.50

Montepulciano Zonin (Abruzzo)

Full bodied dry with smooth and spicy flavours
175ml – 5.00 | 250ml – 6.50 | 500ml – 13.20 | 750ml – 19.00

Frappato Roceno (Sicilia)

Light soft tannins and an abundance of berry fruits
750ml – 19.00

Cabernet Saubignon Il Cavaliere Cantina di Monteforte (Veneto)

Hints of mixed berries, black pepper and vanilla accompanies red meat dishes well
175ml – 5.40 | 250ml – 6.80 | 500ml – 13.80 | 750ml – 19.80

Valpollicella Re Teodorico (Veneto)

Full bodied with a delicate bouquet of cherries, wild berries and hints of almond
175ml – 5.40 | 250ml – 6.80 | 500ml – 13.80 | 750ml – 19.80

Perdera Argiolas (Sardegna)

Medium ruby-red with aromas of dark fruit and spices
175ml – 6.00 | 250ml – 7.80 | 500ml – 15.50 | 750ml – 22.80

Merlot Venezia Villa Sandi (Veneto)

Fruity with predominance of blackberry and small red berries and flowery hints of rose
750ml – 23.50

Chianti Classico Luiano (Tuscany)

A bold wine boasting aromas of ripe red berries with soft notes of violets and tea leaves
750ml – 25.80

Montepulciano Riserva Cantina Tollo (Abruzzo)

Well-bodied wine tasting of red fruit with spicy notes of chocolate and vanilla. Pairs well with pasta.
750ml – 27.20

Primitivo Capoforte (Puglia)

Deep ruby red tasting of rich wild berry fruits, dark cherry and plum with notes of vanilla, tobacco and espresso beans
750ml – 28.00


Ripassa Valpollicella Superiore Zenato (Veneto)   

Full bodied and velvety smooth deep red made by passing the Valpolicella wine over the still warm marc of Amarone, giving a wine rich in blackberry jam notes with a light scent of cloves 
750ml – 37.20

Primitivo di Manduria (Puglia) 

A vivid ruby red distinct aroma of ripened forest fruits this vivid ruby red has a warm, silky, and almost dense flavour, rich in earthy flavours
750ml – 39.50

Chianti Riserva Capraia (Tuscany)       

An award winning chianti produced from hand collected grapes which are matured in oak barrels for 15 months and then aged in glass for 12 months giving a full bodied wine with a bouquet of red fruits and a lovely long lasting finish
750ml – 40.50

Brunello di Montalcino Col’ d’Orgia (Tuscany)

A fantastic brunello with a flowery bouqet made by ageing the sangiovese for three years in large Slavonian oak barrels before bottling
750ml – 68.00

Turriga Argiolas (Sardinia)

The benchmark red wine of Sardinia. A powerful red wine densely packed with tannins and multiple layers of Mediterranean herbs, roasted coffee, spices and liquorice with a generous core of black and red fruit. 
750ml – 125.00


Marche Bianco Moncaro (Marche)

Easy drinking fresh and fruity white wine withhints of citrus fruit made from Trebbiano and Verdicchio grapes 
175ml – 4.40  | 250ml – 5.50 | 500ml – 11.00 | 750ml – 15.50

Soave Monteforte (Veneto)

Excellent depth and a lovely balance between ripe, aromatic fruit and fresh, zingy acidity
175ml – 4.80  | 250ml – 6.20 | 500ml – 12.20 | 750ml – 18.00

Grillo Roceno (Sicilia)

Fine citrus, blossom flowers and white peach
750ml – 19.00

Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Le Vele (Marche)

Fresh with hints of citrus, apple and pear
750ml – 19.80

Pinot Grigio Clivus (Veneto)

Full bodied and rich with hints of peach and pear. Perfect on its own or paired with antipasti and delicate dishes
175ml – 5.80  | 250ml – 7.20 | 500ml – 15.50 | 750ml – 21.20

Chardonnay S.Anna (Veneto)

A crisp dry white with mellow scents of apple
175ml – 6.00  | 250ml – 7.80 | 500ml – 15.50 | 750ml – 22.20

Custoza Albino Piona (Veneto)

Very fragrant with aromatic notes, full bodied, dry but not sharp. Unbeatable with light starters and pasta dishes
750ml – 23.50

Sauvignon Blanc Ca’ Bolani (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

Elegantly fruity with floral aromas of tomato leaf, grapefruit and peach 
175ml – 6.40  | 250ml – 8.00 | 500ml – 16.20 | 750ml – 24.20

Costamolino Vermentino Agriolas (Sardegna)

Expressive white with aromas of spring flower and Mediterranean herbs tasting of pineapple and hints of chopped mint
750ml – 27.50

Pecorino Tulum Fuedo Antico (Abruzzo)

A wine with a great personality, perfectly structured and elegant in its taste. It has aromas of tropical fruits and sage yet contains delicate spicy hints
750ml – 30.50

Gavi di Gavi La Piacentina Magda Pedrini (Piemonte) 

An award winning gavi, tasting of freshly cut green apples and lemons giving a zing which is complimented by a crisp acidity
750ml – 32.00

Vermentino di Gallura Capichera Vigna’ngena (Sardegna)

A winner of the “tre bicchieri” from Gambero Rosso, this vermentino is aged in French oak barrels giving it fresh and lively flavours full of fragrant fruit with a lovely lingering finish
750ml – 49.00


Pinot Grigio Blush Ardesia (Veneto)

Dry and fresh with cherry and red berry flavours
175ml – 5.80  | 250ml – 7.20 | 500ml – 15.50 | 750ml – 21.50

Prosecco San Leo (Veneto)

Intense apple blossom aromas, flowery notes and soft juicy pear flavours
175ml – 6.80 | 750ml – 23.50

Prosecco Superiore Millesimato Villa Sandi (Veneto)

Fruity aroma with clear hints of ripe golden apple
750ml – 31.00